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Handy dandy... NOTEBOOK

I'm actually starting to love Economics. Im learning a lot from the class. Its pretty cool. Diallo is actually pretty funny. Today was a good econ day. The rest of the day kind of sucked. Like... yeah. But up on the board in the ihs room is said the best thing ever.. haha

Your outfit clashes more than than Russia and Chechnya.

A majority of you probably dont get it, but i found it humorous.

I sucked at band today, and I sucked at being all happy. I tried, I reallllyyy did. Hardy har har.

I feel silly, in a bad way. Arg. I want to nap really bad. I did nearly nothing productive today besides doing well on a math quiz I thought I didn't understand. I keep singing. I feel emo today. I still dislike Mccarty but shes finally starting to loosen up. Well I'm going to go do something now. Bye
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