Sarahroo (goodbrunette) wrote,

So I'm kinda bored and tired. I made a goood friend tonight. I'm probably having Anna and Amber over next weekend. Its going to be fun.. I hope. >.<. Everyone is all confused about the carwash tomorrow but I still wanna go, lol. Tonight I went to Emilie's birthday party. It was pretty fun. Its like a year anniversery of stuff. It was cute. But anyways. We did some weird stuff. I'll post pictures and that will be it because it was just crazy weird, and I dont feel like explaining it. It will ruin the joke, besides nobody really wants to hear anyways..

Image hosted by
us with shaving cream and popcorn on our faces
Image hosted by
candace and her friend mooning people knocking on the windows... lol
Image hosted by
Gabi and I being cool.

Anyways, yeah, sooo. It was a good night, but shaving cream tastes really bad is all I have to say.*nods* my face kinda burns too. Hah. Well byes
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