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I wish I didnt have fruit flies in my stupid room....>.

So I cant sleep. Hi! I'm in a better mood because I'm making a dvd of all of my AMVS for someone. I'm trying to figure out why mpegs wont work but what the fuck, who cares, I know how to fix it and everything I'm just lazy and tired. I'll do it later. I didnt understand my math homework in advanced algebra. I felt really dumb because everyone gets it but me. Well I'm just gonna let the dvd burn tonight, test it in the morning and go to school and only have one class tomorrow. Hells yes. I have another fairly busy weekend ahead of me. Friday.. nothing really to my knowledge, I was tthinking of finishing the plans of hanging with Heather, but I dont know I havnt talked with her in a while, which makes me sawd. Saturday is chilling with Justin then Emilie's famous birthday parties... lol... ermmm, Sunday is a carwash for anime club and my granny is coming over for tea. I'm thinking of taking lots of pictures tomorrow to post in here because I feel like being artistic with my camera. I'm also sad that my auction on ebay went from 25 dollars to 50 in the process of 2 minutes. I really hope nobody else bids or I wont be able to afford it... sad...O.o Bye for now.
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