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Prepare yourself for an eternity in Hell.

Sunday, October 9, 2005


well i have my new lj..


its noot prettyfied or anything but ill add yall as soon as possible, and get it prettied up... the first entry talks about my name

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Thursday, October 6, 2005

7:57PM - Fighting This Battle Alone.....

Life is so hard to handle right now. Everything is. I'm happy I'm talking to someone tomorrow. Then maybe someone will talk back when I pour of my emotions.. Because I can't do it anymore. People always tell me to open up to them, then when I do, I just get an awkward stare, or silence. I feel truely alone today. It felt like I was being tugged at by 2 different things, and I wish I could just lay down and every thing would go away when I stood up once again. Alas, it isn't, and I have so much growing up to do, but... I have this sinking feeling that I'm going to have to do this alone.. no hands to be my bumpers, no hands to be my guides. I guess maybe I"m not being as hopeful but, I wish he would convey his true feelings, because it seems like he is hiding them, and trying to be light hearted and not care but... thats the farthest thing I want... I'm trying to be sincere, and tell people things so we can fix them, and jump over the hurdle... GOD! Life is so fucking confusing sometimes. Look at this rant! Passion conceals the deepest of emotions. I want some passion in my life besides my own. Fuck. And you know what else... I really enjoy laying with him... because... i feel like things will be okay... but the feeling goes away when we get up...

I think this will be my last actualy post until i get my new journal. Ciao..

Current mood: Happy.. sad
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Tuesday, October 4, 2005



coolest thing ever. For sure

still thinking a new lj name, any suggestions?

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6:37PM - Drama Queen

So along with my new sn, I'm thinking of getting a new lj. Today i skipped school, because Justin and I had to talk.. I dont really know whats going on. I always put these things on myself. We love eachother a lot. I can't extrenaute the word a lot enough... Things are just so confusing and I'm really not sure where to turn. I spent my day laying in my own reality, and god how I wish I could just go back... I wish i could just stop time for a while to think, so things will stop spinning. I'm being overly dramatic, but right now, thats really the least of my worries.. it really is.

I'm so lame sometimes...


Current mood: melancholy
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I'm kinda sad... Justin and I broke up tonight... not that im trying to announce it to the world or anything. Its gonna be really hard though, because the problem is, we are still great friends... and i love it... im just going to miss him so much... but i guess we both needed us time, and maybe... hopefully someday... we can talk about us again... well i hope you guys have a really great week. Bye...


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Monday, October 3, 2005

5:01PM - Handy dandy... NOTEBOOK

I'm actually starting to love Economics. Im learning a lot from the class. Its pretty cool. Diallo is actually pretty funny. Today was a good econ day. The rest of the day kind of sucked. Like... yeah. But up on the board in the ihs room is said the best thing ever.. haha

Your outfit clashes more than than Russia and Chechnya.

A majority of you probably dont get it, but i found it humorous.

I sucked at band today, and I sucked at being all happy. I tried, I reallllyyy did. Hardy har har.

I feel silly, in a bad way. Arg. I want to nap really bad. I did nearly nothing productive today besides doing well on a math quiz I thought I didn't understand. I keep singing. I feel emo today. I still dislike Mccarty but shes finally starting to loosen up. Well I'm going to go do something now. Bye

Current mood: emo
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4:01PM - Hah thats great

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Blind Folds




What's Your Kinky Turn On?
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Sunday, October 2, 2005

10:41PM - Maybe I WILL go listen to my fucking jazz records!

Well okay weekend. Um. Yeah. Saw Corpse Bride today with Justin. It was pretty good, but not like amazing magic or anything. Then the plans got screwed up again. So I came home alone, and finished building my desk and sat alone, moping, because thats what I do sometimes. Then I organized things because I was busy procrastinating my assload of homework. I forgot my Tempest book which i have to read through act 2 tonight, in Justin's car, so he was a sweetheart and dropped it off. *insert aww here* I'm mad at school. I'm mad at lots of stuff, and upset by them. I keep wanting to do my homework but not actually wanting to.. So I'll just go listen to some jazz records and try and think about economics homework because nobody calls me anymore, lol. I made Gen a Bob Dylan cd today and she bought me flavored water. That is a trade off... Lame. Well bye I guess.

Current mood: bitchy
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I dont know why but im really upset. I hate it when people break promises to me because they tend to break them alot... i know im not that important to some people, and moreso to others.... i just thought the ones who really cared for me would actually keep them... even if they are small and stupid...

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Saturday, October 1, 2005

10:14PM - Lol... Cheese it herman!!!

Sarah Lynn Butler's Aliases

Your movie star name: Cheese-It Herman

Your fashion designer name is Sarah Madrid

Your socialite name is Saxabone Seattle

Your fly girl / guy name is S But

Your detective name is Snake North Eugene

Your barfly name is Pria Fuzzy Navel

Your soap opera name is Lynn Terra Linda

Your rock star name is Swedish Fish Sound

Your star wars name is Sarwal Butjus

Your punk rock band name is The Content Mood Ring

The Amazing Meganame Generator

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9:00PM - Nice. Totally!

<td align="center">Your hidden talent is writing

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Current mood: same
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9:00PM - Sallllsaaa

So as of yesterday I can make henna tattoos and i know how to salsa dance. I think i will continue taking it too. Its a lot of fun. its an entertaining way to exercise and get things done. Ive always wanted to dance. So today was Sara's birthday party. Every year she gets me flip flops and i get her hilary duff cds. Its really interesting to see her reactions each year. Mmmhmm. Tomorrow is the carwash and hopefully hanging out with Justin. w00. I am really in love. We played hide n seek and noticed how spacious is in Sara's home. It was quite nice though. I learned i know all of my friends the best of anyone else there. Which is kind of sad because i rarely hang out with them anymore and i still knew. Well I guess im just that cool. Ciao

The Sarah

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

6:34PM - hah. go me

<td align="center">

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Huff. Bad day. Bad week. Great day Great week, for those who are tired of me saying this. Im really starting to hate school. North in general. Huff. sometimes i just wish i could leave, its so unorganized about everything, the people in it are jerks a third of the time. Heh. I hate my ihs lit teacher. mainly just the way she teaches though.. i dont understand her and it really bothers me. i dont know how to describe it. Blah... I'm giving up emotions for a week, so byes for now you all

Current mood: apathetic
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Monday, September 26, 2005


*The Basics*
Name:Sarah Lynn Butler
Date of Birth:July fifth nineteen eighty nine
Birthplace:Medford Oregon
Where you live:Eugene Oregon
Current living situations:With my parents, and 2 little psychos I don't know... and my kitties!!
# of homes you've lived in:2
# of brothers/sisters2 and 3 half siblings
Any pets:yes, 2 cats, James and Walrus
Current Car:90 sentra
Current school (if any):North Eugene
Current Job:Lane Media, and self emplyed
Drink:sparkling water
Holiday:Christmas. I like presents! yes!!!
Candy:swedish fish!!!!
Sport:hockey probably
Animal:um... I think bears are cute
Magazine:I dont really read magazines... I guess Newtype
Cartoon:Its not cartoons its anime/...*hmph*
Car:You got me... uhh *drool*
*This or That*
OJ/Milk:orange juice, i cant have milk
Brothers/Sisters:sisters that i dont have, lol
1 pillow/2 pillows2 pillows for sure
A few friends/ a lot of friends:a lot of friends
Bush/Clinton:bush!!! NOT! HAHAHAHA, EWWWW. Clinton


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Sunday, September 25, 2005


So I'm kinda bored and tired. I made a goood friend tonight. I'm probably having Anna and Amber over next weekend. Its going to be fun.. I hope. >.<. Everyone is all confused about the carwash tomorrow but I still wanna go, lol. Tonight I went to Emilie's birthday party. It was pretty fun. Its like a year anniversery of stuff. It was cute. But anyways. We did some weird stuff. I'll post pictures and that will be it because it was just crazy weird, and I dont feel like explaining it. It will ruin the joke, besides nobody really wants to hear anyways..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
us with shaving cream and popcorn on our faces
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
candace and her friend mooning people knocking on the windows... lol
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Gabi and I being cool.

Anyways, yeah, sooo. It was a good night, but shaving cream tastes really bad is all I have to say.*nods* my face kinda burns too. Hah. Well byes

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Friday, September 23, 2005


My Day was very interesting. IHS assembly in the AM... The IHS teachers have a band, and at the end of the essemdly they played some song by REM and the 2 people who ran down the runway to the stage turned into a whole crowd of people, and some of them were attempting to mosh and all. I was one of them, I danced though. It was the coolest thing ever. Only in IHS. I'm thinking of being an IHS teacher when I get older... because yeah. North got screwed over as far as teachers go for IHS, the juniors did anyway. God kill me now. McCarty you fucking bitch... But yeah. So after we had math easy but not today. Finally understand variations... Erm. 4th I sat with Anna P, Amber and this one girl Brittney or something. Anna R was sitting with Ryan Fahey. No wind today. Mr Powell also suggested some awsome stuff for expanding my hobby career. I'm really excited. Or something. Tonight has been really slowl. I need to go to the gym. well bye

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2:44AM - I wish I didnt have fruit flies in my stupid room....>.

So I cant sleep. Hi! I'm in a better mood because I'm making a dvd of all of my AMVS for someone. I'm trying to figure out why mpegs wont work but what the fuck, who cares, I know how to fix it and everything I'm just lazy and tired. I'll do it later. I didnt understand my math homework in advanced algebra. I felt really dumb because everyone gets it but me. Well I'm just gonna let the dvd burn tonight, test it in the morning and go to school and only have one class tomorrow. Hells yes. I have another fairly busy weekend ahead of me. Friday.. nothing really to my knowledge, I was tthinking of finishing the plans of hanging with Heather, but I dont know I havnt talked with her in a while, which makes me sawd. Saturday is chilling with Justin then Emilie's famous birthday parties... lol... ermmm, Sunday is a carwash for anime club and my granny is coming over for tea. I'm thinking of taking lots of pictures tomorrow to post in here because I feel like being artistic with my camera. I'm also sad that my auction on ebay went from 25 dollars to 50 in the process of 2 minutes. I really hope nobody else bids or I wont be able to afford it... sad...O.o Bye for now.

Current mood: bouncy
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Thursday, September 22, 2005

6:00PM - meh

Sometimes people are real hypocrytes... Heh. Yeah. Well my day was boring and I don't understand math class, econ and lit are getting more difficult. Sadly I like Diallo more than McCarty. which is really sad. McCarty is just a bitch to my whole class, we arent even doing anything and she treats us like we are mini mccarty's or something. Anime club was eh eh, because of stupid things but I'm helping people pick their cosplay and anime club is having a car wash this sunday to raise money for the spring sakuracon. tomorrow is the ihs whatever. woo for that. and yeah., woo


Current mood: meh
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

9:30PM - Holy cow, a long entry, whaty?

I'm really tired. I got some stockings for my outfit on halloween. Uhh. Justin came over afterschool and id yardwork for my mom and got like 40 bucks. It was hard work, and while he did that I worked on another piece of my desk. Its basically done, the drawers have to be put together... for some reason they won't go together the way they should. I only got one it, and I had to do was piece 2 drawer parts in and my dad was like no sorry wait until tomorrow. Not to mention before when Justin and I were working they wanted us to cook dinner and then it was decided to go get it, we were both outside working still and my dad was like i thought you were going to get it. Arg. Its like um no your the one watching TV on your ass. Justin is whacking plants, and I'm building a desk, you do it. Friday is the IHS assembly too. That should be something else. Oh also, I did yearbook pictures today. Note for all of those whom do not know this but unless your told to pose or its some event PLEASE DONT POSE FOR YEARBOOK STAFF! PLEASE! We wont use that picture, and if we did it wont go in the yearbook. So yeah. Don't. I got some great IHS and Peace club pictures, I'm going ot go back to Peace club to get better ones later. During my free 4th I ung out with Anna and Ryan F. I hope they ask the other out soon, its getting old waiting and hearing about it, haha. What else. Oh yeah during 5th I took pictures and learned how to upload photos onto the photo server, thanks to Mr. Sherman, and Master V. >.< Lol. At any rate, yeah. Tomorrow is Anime Club, annnd, I have 5 periods tomorrow as well. The last part of my day is always the best, never the first. Ever. Right when the lunch bell rings every day I'm happy happy happy. NO MATH HOMEWORK TONIGHT. CELEBRATION. YAY. Well this entry is getting to long, sooo I'll cut it... long, lol. Buh bye bye peoples!

The Sarah

Current mood: tired
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