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Maybe I WILL go listen to my fucking jazz records!

Well okay weekend. Um. Yeah. Saw Corpse Bride today with Justin. It was pretty good, but not like amazing magic or anything. Then the plans got screwed up again. So I came home alone, and finished building my desk and sat alone, moping, because thats what I do sometimes. Then I organized things because I was busy procrastinating my assload of homework. I forgot my Tempest book which i have to read through act 2 tonight, in Justin's car, so he was a sweetheart and dropped it off. *insert aww here* I'm mad at school. I'm mad at lots of stuff, and upset by them. I keep wanting to do my homework but not actually wanting to.. So I'll just go listen to some jazz records and try and think about economics homework because nobody calls me anymore, lol. I made Gen a Bob Dylan cd today and she bought me flavored water. That is a trade off... Lame. Well bye I guess.
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