Sarahroo (goodbrunette) wrote,

My Day was very interesting. IHS assembly in the AM... The IHS teachers have a band, and at the end of the essemdly they played some song by REM and the 2 people who ran down the runway to the stage turned into a whole crowd of people, and some of them were attempting to mosh and all. I was one of them, I danced though. It was the coolest thing ever. Only in IHS. I'm thinking of being an IHS teacher when I get older... because yeah. North got screwed over as far as teachers go for IHS, the juniors did anyway. God kill me now. McCarty you fucking bitch... But yeah. So after we had math easy but not today. Finally understand variations... Erm. 4th I sat with Anna P, Amber and this one girl Brittney or something. Anna R was sitting with Ryan Fahey. No wind today. Mr Powell also suggested some awsome stuff for expanding my hobby career. I'm really excited. Or something. Tonight has been really slowl. I need to go to the gym. well bye
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