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Holy cow, a long entry, whaty?

I'm really tired. I got some stockings for my outfit on halloween. Uhh. Justin came over afterschool and id yardwork for my mom and got like 40 bucks. It was hard work, and while he did that I worked on another piece of my desk. Its basically done, the drawers have to be put together... for some reason they won't go together the way they should. I only got one it, and I had to do was piece 2 drawer parts in and my dad was like no sorry wait until tomorrow. Not to mention before when Justin and I were working they wanted us to cook dinner and then it was decided to go get it, we were both outside working still and my dad was like i thought you were going to get it. Arg. Its like um no your the one watching TV on your ass. Justin is whacking plants, and I'm building a desk, you do it. Friday is the IHS assembly too. That should be something else. Oh also, I did yearbook pictures today. Note for all of those whom do not know this but unless your told to pose or its some event PLEASE DONT POSE FOR YEARBOOK STAFF! PLEASE! We wont use that picture, and if we did it wont go in the yearbook. So yeah. Don't. I got some great IHS and Peace club pictures, I'm going ot go back to Peace club to get better ones later. During my free 4th I ung out with Anna and Ryan F. I hope they ask the other out soon, its getting old waiting and hearing about it, haha. What else. Oh yeah during 5th I took pictures and learned how to upload photos onto the photo server, thanks to Mr. Sherman, and Master V. >.< Lol. At any rate, yeah. Tomorrow is Anime Club, annnd, I have 5 periods tomorrow as well. The last part of my day is always the best, never the first. Ever. Right when the lunch bell rings every day I'm happy happy happy. NO MATH HOMEWORK TONIGHT. CELEBRATION. YAY. Well this entry is getting to long, sooo I'll cut it... long, lol. Buh bye bye peoples!

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